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20 January 2022

New certified bed bug detection dogs website launched


Bed Bug Foundation (BBF) has launched a new website specifically designed to make it easy for pest controllers to locate independently audited companies offering bed bug detection dog services.

newbedbugdetectiondogwebsitebbfk9 lists companies spread across Western Europe, providing full contact details for services in the UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy and Sweden. 

Each of these audited companies have handlers and dog teams that have passed independent certification with the BBF within the past 12 months.

These detection services are available to be added to a servicing company’s contract with an existing client.

What is the BBF?

The Bed Bug Foundation (BBF) is a not-for-profit company that supports the pest management industry and general public in the correct identification and treatment of bed bugs. 

The BBF works with a network of dog training schools across Western Europe, acting as a certifying authority for bed bug detection dog teams.

Why use BBF certified bed bug detection dog teams?

Bed bug dogs are used in a variety of ways, for example to confirm treatment success and identify causes of bites.

They are invaluable for identifying affected regions of hotels and apartment blocks where treatment should be focussed, as well as providing routine screening of rooms in the hospitality sector, particularly if there is a persistent bed bug issue.

Like all industries, the detection dog industry benefits from regulation to ensure that high standards are maintained. 

Compared to other fields of scent detection, bed bug searching is one of the most challenging. The scent picture is tiny, compared to that of explosives or drugs, and frequently hidden deep within inaccessible voids in beds and other furniture.

Food scraps, toys and other species of insects are commonly encountered in the search environments, which may distract or confuse bed bug dogs.

All fields of scent detection rely on the close relationship between the dog and handler. The handler must be able to recognise subtle changes in the dog’s behaviour while guiding the dog through often unfamiliar search environments.

The handler must be vigilant for any hazards that might cause injury to themselves or the dog, such as sharps or insecticidal dusts that could be inhaled, while ensuring that all the key bed bug locations are checked thoroughly.

These are just some of the skills that are put to the test in the BBF Bed Bug Detector Dog certification. Annual assessments encourage handlers to train regularly with their dogs to ensure high standards are maintained.

"Properly trained detection dogs are a valuable asset for all those companies servicing bed bug contracts, as they can quickly detect low level bed bug infestations, all too easily missed with visual inspections," explains UK-based Dr Richard Naylor, BBF director.

He continues, "They are able to locate bed bugs in inaccessible voids, like divan bed bases and behind headboards, where bed bugs are often found, but where visual inspection is often very difficult.

"A bed bug dog team can search many more rooms in a day than is possible by visual inspection alone."


Visit the BBF K9 website for more information.

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