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04 August 2021

Five new document templates - perfect for client folders

BPCA has released five new pest management document templates which are now available for members to download.

Five new pest control document templates perfect for client folders BPCA

The resources have been developed at the request of members and are designed to be customised to your liking or inspire your own documents. 

The new documents are:

  • Quality assurance inspection report template
  • Pest sightings by client log sheet template
  • Pest management visit log template
  • Pest management recommendations template
  • Pest control monitor location list template.

Technical and Compliance Manager Natalie Bungay said:

“Site folders are an integral client communication tool and keep you on the right side of compliance.

“Everything a pest professional does should be documented, so if the worst happens, there’s a record of what actually happened on site.

“We’ve developed these documents to conform with all Codes of Best Practice and the latest legislation. 

“You’re free to use them as they come or as inspiration for your own designs”. 

She continued:

“If you have suggestions for templates or resources you’d like BPCA to make - let us know.

“We’re always looking for new ways to support members”.

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