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  • 26 April 2023

    Two new best practice codes released by BPCA

    PROFESSIONALISM BPCA has released two new best practice codes: Drainage inspections for rat activity and Fogging and ULV treatments for insect control. A BPCA Code is a set of written rules which explains how people working in ou.... More

  • 21 February 2023

    Pest control treatment reports: tips and templates to get you started

    PPC110 | Your Association Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork! Is it all really necessary? BPCA Technical and Compliance Manager Natalie Bungay is here to give you some great reasons to fill in and file those reports.  Sometimes w.... More

  • 01 November 2022

    The wonder of rats - the incredible and sometimes disgusting things they do

    TECHNICAL | PPC109 October 2022 Rats are fascinating. We spend so much of our time around them, chasing them and tracking them, but when was the last time you stopped to truly watch them, in order to appreciate how, or even why, they act in.... More

  • 01 November 2022

    PestWatch: Ship rats in Britain

    TECHNICAL | PPC109 October 2022 Ahoy there! Professor Stephen Harris has studied British mammals for nearly 60 years. His interest in ship rats began in the 1970s when, as a student at Bristol University, he obtained specimens of ship rats.... More

  • 06 September 2022

    Pest control folder contents for food clients

    TECHNICAL | PPC108 September 2022 Regular contributor Grahame Turner from BPCA Consultant member company PestAcuity is back! This time he’s turning his attention to your pest control folders. What should be in your folder? Wh.... More

  • 31 May 2022

    PestWatch: Field mice control

    Technical | PPC107 June 2022 In this issue of PestWatch, guest author Chris Parmiter from BPCA Consultant Member company Pesttrain clarifies the legal nuances of controlling field mice in the UK. Clarification of rodenticide produc.... More

  • 31 May 2022

    Accreditation standards in focus: Pest risk assessments

    Technical | PPC107 June 2022 Food Accreditation Standards can be a minefield, with different specifiers needing different things from you. In this new series, Grahame Turner from BPCA Consultant member company PestAcuity, will turn his att.... More

  • 31 May 2022

    Reporting pest control incidents

    Technical | PPC107 June 2022 If you’ve worked in pest control for any amount of time you’ll have come across poor practice or potentially dangerous incidents. Likewise, established companies can be blighted by a poor techni.... More

  • 31 May 2022

    Opinion: Who do you think you are?

    Opinion | PPC107 June 2022 Regular PPC writer Alex Wade from Wade Environmental is back – and this time he's talking through the opportunities licensing could bring. Listen to this article as an audio narration by the author .... More

  • 30 May 2022

    TechAssure: Virtual assessment of practical skills and knowledge

    Training | PPC107 June 2022 BPCA has launched a 3D interactive competency assessment with support and funding from the Ufi VocTech Trust. BPCA Training and Development Manager Karen Dawes explains TechAssure and the gaps it helps fill.... More

  • 11 May 2022

    New control of field mice guidance document out now

    MEMBER LIBRARY A technical briefing and guidance document, on when and how field mice can be controlled, has been published by BPCA and Pesttrain. The new four-page document was requested by technicians and covers: Position.... More

  • 01 March 2022

    Environmental Risk Assessments and how to deal with them

    Technical | PPC106 “Don’t roll the dice when it comes to protecting the planet; always do environmental risk assessments”, says BPCA Head of Technical, Dee Ward-Thompson. In this article she takes it back to basics and exp.... More

  • 18 January 2022

    New label conditions on "robustness" of rodenticide bait boxes

    Changes required by Health and Safety Executive (HSE) to legally binding instructions on rodenticide product labels have significant implications for users in pest control, farming and gamekeeping. Updated text will appear on labels J.... More

  • 10 December 2021

    Abridged CRRU Code of Best Practice to be made available for trainee pest technicians

    STEWARDSHIP CRRU announces intention to publish an abridged adaptation of the CRRU Code of Best Practice in pest rodent control in January 2022. The need arises because, as responsible pest controllers know all too well, annual m.... More

  • 09 November 2021

    Back to basics: treatment reports

    TECHNICAL | PPC105 NOVEMBER 2021 Q: As a professional, what’s the best way to protect yourself from legal action when working with harmful chemicals and specialist equipment in homes and businesses? A: A pest ma.... More

  • 09 November 2021

    Dust, up to snuff? Maintenance tips for pressure dust applicators and storing pesticides

    TECHNICAL | PPC105 NOVEMBER 2021 A bad workman always blames his tools, but are we doing everything in our power to make sure our arsenal is fit for purpose? We asked Darran Lebeter, Sales Specialist at BPCA member company 1env Soluti.... More

  • 05 November 2021

    VIDEO: Pest management to food company accreditation standards | Digital Forum 11

    CPD VIDEO In this video, Grahame Turner from PestAcuity discusses the various food standards that you might come across in pest control, including BRC, AIB and M&S.  The British Pest Control Association (BPCA) hosts thes.... More

  • 05 November 2021

    VIDEO: Caught in a web - false widow spiders | Digital Forum 11

    CPD VIDEO In this video, Chris Woodard from Chris Woodard Pest Services discusses the new false widow spiders, their impact and management options.  The British Pest Control Association (BPCA) hosts these free.... More

  • 05 November 2021

    VIDEO: Rodents root cause analysis | Digital Forum 11

    CPD VIDEO In this video, BPCA's own John Horsley discusses root cause analysis in relation to rodents. How do we get to the heart of a rat or mouse issue?  The British Pest Control Association (BPCA) hosts these&nb.... More

  • 20 August 2021

    Ask the technical team August 2021

    TECHNICAL | PPC104 AUGUST 2021 Field mice, bait box tampering, relocating wasps and reporting misuse of amateur pesticides are tackled in this issue of Ask the BPCA technical team. SPEED VIEW: No rodenticides in.... More

  • 01 July 2021

    Legal teeth and rodent control update in 2021 Code of Best Practice

    Rodenticide use for permanent, pulsed or burrow baiting, or in covered and protected bait stations, is now only legal if the product label permits these ‘non-standard’ scenarios specifically, says CRRU. This applies equall.... More

  • 17 June 2021

    UK government confirms plans to ban rodent glue boards completely

    The UK government has issued details on the Glue Traps (Offences) Bill to crack down on “inhumane rodent traps”. In a government press release it states: “Glue traps are a widely available and cheap method of pe.... More

  • 01 June 2021

    Case study: Technology at heart of pest control company

    A Bayer case study showing Amicus embracing technology as part of an integrated pest control approach. Technology is currently the missing piece of the puzzle in many integrated pest control approaches, but it can play a fundamental role in i.... More

  • 12 May 2021

    Opinion: Vive la France? Observations on pest control licensing in France

    OPINION | PPC103 MAY 2021 In PPC103 Robert Moon, director of Applicateur3D, looked at whether British pest controllers should be licensed like those in France.  In 2010, having already lived in France for four y.... More

  • 25 February 2021

    PestWatch: Rodents and glue boards

    PESTWATCH | PPC102 MARCH 2021 You’ve probably recently seen images on Facebook and Twitter of non-target species caught on glueboards. You may have closely followed the Scottish Parliament petition for a complete ban la.... More