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07 December 2021

Act fast on Red Spider Mites, urges trade body


Swift action is needed to tackle an infestation of Red Spider Mites, which can sometimes move into buildings in large numbers during the autumn.


National trade body the British Pest Control Association (BPCA), is urging householders to seek professional help quickly if the tiny red insect invade their home.

Red Spider Mites are only 0.5mm in size and do no direct harm in the home, but they can move indoors in large numbers and will stain walls and decorations if they are squashed.

For the majority of the year, Red Spider Mites are pale green with two dark spots on their back and turn an orange-red colour in autumn and winter.

They can commonly be found in summer on garden plants, greenhouses and indoor plants, and will sometimes be seen on fine webbing that covers leaves.

Natalie Bungay is Technical Manager at BPCA. She said: “For a suspected infestation of mites, we strongly recommend you act immediately by contacting a pest management professional – preferably a member of the BPCA.

“DIY treatment of a mite infestation is unlikely to be successful.

“Female mites can invade homes and other buildings in spring and autumn. They will climb walls and seek out places to lay eggs or to hibernate.”

BPCA members are trained, experienced professionals with access to a range of specialist products not available to the public.

They are trained, qualified and regularly assessed to the British Standard in Pest Management BS EN 16636.

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