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24 November 2021

BASF celebrates first year anniversary of rodenticide bait Selontra


BASF Pest Control Solutions has celebrated the first year anniversary of its award-winning rodenticide, Selontra.


This resistance busting rodenticide bait, which last month was awarded the Pest Best Product of the year by Pest magazine, has proven popular among pest controllers since its launch in November 2020.

Celebrations at PestTech in Milton Keynes saw the BASF team mark the milestone and thank clients for their custom over the past year with a host of Selontra goodies, including complementary merchandise and celebratory birthday cupcakes.

Selontra, a non-anticoagulant bait, with cholecalciferol as its active ingredient, offers the industry a highly effective solution which combines high palatability with a stop-feed effect, saving pest controllers and their clients both time and money.

Selontra, took ten years to develop by BASF’s Research and Development team. There is no known resistance to Selontra and it can control even large infestations in areas of the UK where rodents have previously shown resistance.

Speaking at PestTech, Helen Hall, BASF pest control specialist, commented: “We are thrilled to celebrate one year of Selontra with the best in the pest industry at PestTech today.

"Selontra is a truly pioneering product and it is wonderful to reach this significant milestone and talk to those PCO’s who sing the praises of this rodenticide after such investment in getting the product to market."

BASF also offers a Selontra training programme, which allows pest controllers to refresh their knowledge and update their skills with the product, as well obtain all-important CPD points.

For more information about Selontra, visit the BASF website.


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