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05 September 2022

Why pest controllers should join the airsoft community

HEALTH AND SAFETY | PPC108 September 2022

Adam Shenton is Head Marshall at PTC - Airsoft Warrington, owned by Bomb Up Airsoft. He gives PPC a quick rundown on what airsoft is and how you can get involved in the hobby.

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Many of you pest professionals use air guns in their work and, as a rule of thumb, you’re fairly crack shots. That probably makes airsoft the perfect hobby for you to get involved with. Airsoft is a team game similar to paintballing. Participants eliminate opposing players in simulated gun combat but, instead of shooting balls of paint, you shoot plastic projectiles. 

The easiest way to describe airsoft is ‘real life Call of Duty’; it’s like being thrown into a video game. Some game modes are even based on video games and films, and we use these storylines alongside props to make the best game day possible.

Spot the difference

We often get asked what the difference is between airsoft and paintball. There are a few ways:

  • The equipment used is far more realistic than paintball equipment, from the kit to the guns – everything is based on realism
  • Airsoft kit is usually more camouflage and more military-based, whereas paintballers frequently use brightly-coloured clothing (this isn’t the case for every player and I would encourage you to wear whatever makes you comfortable and works for you)
  • As mentioned, the ammunition - airsoft weapons use 6mm plastic ball bearings rather than paint, so there’s a lot of trust and honesty required.

This is a hobby that uses a team-versus-team game play, so you have to be able to work well with others!

Airsoft sites themselves vary; at PTC we use a fully-enclosed outdoor arena in the countryside, with some tricky terrain, which caters for both new and experienced players. There are woodland areas for the sneaky players, as well as open fields with structures built in, providing cover for the players to use.

Other sites use a similar set up, as well as indoor arenas – if you’re not a fan of the rain, this is a great alternative! Most indoor sites are in derelict buildings and can be well disguised, so some may even surprise you with their location. Special events also take place at some very cool locations such as army bases, old prisons and old shopping centres.

Airsoft sites are all geared up towards providing the best possible gameplay experience.

Come to the coast, let’s get together, have a few laughs

Airsoft is a very community-based hobby which encourages people from all walks of life to get involved. It’s a great way to get to know new people and use individuals’ skills to the team’s advantage. We have known players to turn up on their own, and they leave the site with new friends and even a small squad to play alongside at future games.

The larger community online can also be great for looking for advice or trying to find new sites to try out. Some of our community even hold mental health drop-in sessions, to support each other outside of the games.

Sounds good? Come along!

If you want to get involved in playing airsoft at our site or any other site it’s really simple to do. Most sites have hire packages available, which means you could just turn up on your own or with a group of friends and hire the equipment you need for a full game day.

Hire packages can vary in price but always include full face protection, your gun for the day, and some ammunition. The beauty of hiring equipment is that you get to try the hobby out before taking the plunge and buying your own equipment. 

If you do decide to jump in and buy your own kit, head over to a local airsoft supply shop, see what’s available and try stuff out.You may find guns that you didn’t even know existed, that you just love!  Additionally, I recommend good footwear to protect yourself from uneven ground. 

There are airsoft venues all over the UK, so do a quick Google search to find your local site if you want to give it a go. And, if you fancy a trip to Cheshire, you’ll always be welcome at PTC in Warrington!

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