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09 November 2021

Onboarding a pest technician: new resources for new starters

Training | PPC105 November 2021

Onboarding an employee that’s new to the industry can be time-consuming, expensive and sometimes inconsistent.

New resources for new starters onboarding a pest technican

A good onboarding process can drive the professionalism of a pest control company and ensures a technician knows how to stay safe in the field.

It will also enhance their knowledge-based learning with practical skills developed in the field.

BPCA has developed a training framework for onboarding people new to the pest management sector working towards their Level 2 Award in Pest Management.

Delivering an onboarding programme

We’ve created a framework that sets the standard for the level of knowledge and practical experience recruits need to gain on their journey to becoming a qualified pest professional.

The onboarding framework sets out a programme of required training and field experience.

The time taken to complete the framework can be flexible, however we recommend that it should take no longer than six months to complete.

A series of theory and practical assessments are included as part of the framework to ensure that the learner achieves competency in the knowledge, skills and behaviours required of a pest professional.

 infographic onboarding pest technician

Guidance document for Onboarding a Pest Technician

A full guidance document and templates are now available for BPCA members to download and use to aid with new recruits.

The document includes:

  • An introduction to delivering an onboarding programme
  • The pest management onboarding framework
  • Practical assessment criteria
  • Onboarding checklist template and sign-off form.

Download now (Login required)

Managed onboarding with BPCA

If you don’t have the internal resources or facilities to deliver an onboarding programme, BPCA can provide you with a support package.

You’ll get a full online learning training and development programme, along with regular knowledge assessments and learner review meetings.

This support is fully subsidised by your membership discounts, meaning the programme can be provided as one comprehensive product.

You’ll get:

  • Access to our award-winning online learning platform - all the theory-based elements of the on-boarding programme are included in the price
  • Weekly reports to line managers of employee progress on the online training programme
  • Access to an online portfolio showing all completed knowledge training - learners can develop a portfolio of their field-based practical experience
  • Downloadable sign-off documents for line managers and learners to complete and upload to their portfolio record
  • Line manager access rights to review and use portfolio records during internal assessments
  • Knowledge assessments will open to the learners upon completion of each module.

You don’t need to be a huge company with a dedicated training department; BPCA can support your staff onboarding.

This programme is only available to BPCA members and costs £950+VAT per technician.

Learn more

Find out more about our framework and the managed support package on our Onboarding page.

Want to book some onboarding?

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Special thanks

This guidance and programme was created by the BPCA Professional Standards Committee with the support from the Staff Team.

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