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23 September 2022

Nanogreen acquires Krypton Environmental Services


Nanogreen acquires BPCA member Krypton Environmental Services to round off their Soft Facilities Management offering.


Following entry into the Soft Facilities Management space since 2020, Nanogreen announced their acquisition of Krypton Environmental Limited, an exciting and up and coming pest control firm in Swindon.

John Richards, Founder at Krypton Environmental, commented:

"I have been working with Nanogreen for a couple of years and watched how their organisation has put both the environment and people first.

"When we started our discussion about the acquisition it absolutely aligned to my goals and now working alongside Chris and Craig, we can make both Krypton and Nanogreen a formidable force for good while delivering high service levels.” 

Positive customer impact

Nanogreen say clients have already benefitted from the recent acquisition, providing a comprehensive service and a valued addition to their existing supply chain, reducing administration and cost with services all under one roof.

Additionally existing Krypton Environmental Clients will not notice much in the way of changes and they will also benefit from the ethos and values of Nanogreen. 

This includes goals like reducing the environmental impact of Krypton, and working to providing opportunities and social value to their two existing services, as well as an experienced soft facility management company to work strategically on contracted services and emergency call outs.

"This has been a game changer for Nanogreen and Krypton. We have been truly fortunate in finding an organisation so enthusiastic and dedicated as Krypton, thanks to John and his efforts," said Chris Horgan, Director at Nanogreen.

Social Impact and Environmental change form Nanogreen's non-negotiable values. 

Since 2014 Nanogreen have focused on providing environmentally friendly cleaning to an industry typically focused on harsh chemicals and overuse of bleach.

Following three years of working with organisations and employing or providing work placements for those who have had barriers to employment, Social Impact has enabled Nanogreen to provide a more focused and comprehensive approach following the UN’s sustainability goals introduced in recent years.

Craig Duff, also a Director at Nanogreen, added:

"Krypton not only provides valued added services to our combined client base, but it also provides our companies with an extra opportunity to change industries and help clients who are aligned to our values. It gives them the chance to reinvent their corporate social responsibility; for a fairer, cleaner society as a valuable part of their procurement chain.

"We look forward to our continued growth and our journey in facilities management alongside the new members of our Nanogreen Family."


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