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20 April 2023

Selontra now suitable for use on field mice, says BASF


Award-winning cholecalciferol rodenticide Selontra is now approved for usage on field mice (also known as wood mice), BASF has announced.


The label re-launch means that Selontra is the only professional rodenticide on the market suitable for targeting field mice (Apodemus sylvaticus).

“Working with our Selontra distribution partner in Killgerm, we listened to the market and worked on providing a much-needed solution to solve our customers’ problems,” said Laurence Barnard, Country Business Manager for Professional & Specialty Solutions at BASF.

“Pest controllers have been calling out for a suitable product to control these field mice for many years now, and we’re delighted to share the news that Selontra is now approved for use against this species when needed.”

Suitable for usage in and around buildings, field mice have been added to Selontra's approved list of target species thanks to the proven efficacy against the pests and high palatability of the product.

Until packaging with new labels enter circulation, BASF and Killgerm will provide users with a copy of the new label (also available to download from or, meaning pest controllers can begin using the rodenticide to control these field mice immediately, in and around buildings, as long as they have a copy of the new label.

The shelf life of the popular product has also been extended from three years to five years, providing retailers and pest controllers with an even longer opportunity to safely and effectively use the rodenticide.

This non-anticoagulant bait, which launched in 2020 after ten years of development, offers pest control professionals fast, effective results thanks to its unique formulation.

Featuring the active cholecalciferol, the soft block bait offers a stop-feed effect, on both the bait and any available food on the site, 24 hours after consuming a lethal dose, making complete control possible in as few as seven days.

As well as offering a different mode of action, Selontra also balances performance and environmental impact, is neither persistent in the environment nor bio-accumulative, and can withstand extreme climates.

BASF offers a Selontra training programme, which allows pest controllers to become a certified user, and refresh their knowledge on baiting strategies and best practice, as well obtain all-important CPD points.

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