Professional Pest Controller Magazine Issue 110

06 March 2023

BPCA Board - They work for you

PPC110 | Annual report

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The Executive Board is the governing body of the Association, and Board Members, as Directors, have a duty of care to both BPCA Members and the BPCA Staff team. 

The Board’s emphasis is on strategy and performance, stewardship and conformance. The Board also ensures that resources are used appropriately (money, time, staff, etc), and that relevant legislation is adhered to.

Title Name Photo Company Meetings attended (max 9)
President Chris Cagienard Chris Pest Solutions 8
Vice President Mike Ayers Mike Precision Pest Management 8
Vice President

Professional Standards Committee Chair
Martin Rose-King Martin Bounty Pest Control 9
Honorary Treasurer Mark Williams Mark Wi Ecolab 6
Immediate Past President Philip Halpin phillip Countrywide Environmental Services 2
Manufacturers and Distributors Committee Chair Anthony O’Hare Anthony BASF 6
Servicing Committee Chair Malcolm Stowell Malcolm Safeguard Pest Control and Environmental Services 7
Outreach and Communications Committee Chair

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee Chair (formed Dec 2022)
Julia Pittman Julia Beaver Pest Control 9
Board Member Jason Cholerton Jason CSS Pest Services 9
Board Member Chris Corbett 39 chris Aderyn 8
Board Member Mick Kilburn Mick Elite Pest Management 8
Board Member Michael Taylor Michael Contego Environmental Services 6
Board Member Paul Westgate 836 paul Veritas Pest Consultancy 4
Board Member Mark White
resigned January 2023
mark Dealey Environmental 1
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