Professional Pest Controller Magazine Issue 110

21 February 2023

Pests in the press: October to December 2022

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Our regular PPC magazine feature, taking a look at public relations and how BPCA works with the press to educate the public about pest awareness.

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The seasonal push to raise awareness of rat and mouse issues took the lead in the press over Q4 of 2022, with work around this continuing into the new year, although other pests also got a look-in during a very mild autumn and early winter.

Activity in Q4

Rodenticide resistance and glue boards have been key topics in Q4 with BPCA doing work around both to promote the value of retaining effective measures in pest professionals’ toolkits.

The Herald Scotland Online examined the issue of rodenticide resistance in an article headlined ‘Warning, Scotland’s rats are becoming resistant to poisons as Brexit ‘erodes’ toolkits’ while The Daily Record followed this up with ‘Pest control warning as super-rats resistant to B&Q killer chemicals are booming in numbers.’

The Herald Wales Online also tackled the important issues around potential glue board bans in Wales, running an article based on a BPCA press release with the title ‘Rodent risk to vital services in Pembrokeshire if ban becomes law.’

A press release advising householders to seek medical or veterinary attention for tick removal and call in a pest professional in the uncommon event of a tick infestation also garnered some coverage, with readers warned to ‘Keep a wary eye out for ticks.’ 

Other pests to attract media attention were red spider mites, wasps and bed bugs, while BPCA also featured on BBC local radio across Yorkshire in October.

Targeted work remains a key element of BPCA activity, with bespoke articles provided for specific relevant titles.

In November and December this included an article on ‘Limiting products, real-time data and innovation: What the UK’s pest control trends mean for facilities managers’ for FM Business Daily and a press release ‘Time to team up against super rats’ for farming titles, which was picked up by South East Farmer.

And for a final push in 2022, a timely reminder to check for pest activity when returning Christmas decorations to the attic generated coverage in regional titles in the last week of the year.

On-going work to position BPCA as a voice for the industry continues to remind journalists to work on stories around newly released advice as well as seeing previously issued information from the Association re-appear in national and regional news outlets.

Moving into 2023, further work around rats, rodenticide resistance and targeted press for related sectors is planned in the first quarter, alongside promotion of PPC Live.

Top 3 headlines

▶ Rat out of hell - The Sun Online and Scottish Sun (link)

▶ RED ALERT, How do I get rid of little red spiders in the UK? - The Sun Online and Scottish Sun (link)

▶ Rats boom in city after lockdown - Daily Record (link)

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