Professional Pest Controller Magazine Issue 110

21 February 2023

President's Report: Challenges and progress

PPC110 | Annual report

In Chris Cagienard's first President's Report since taking the role, he talks about delivering on the Association's strategy during a milestone year for BPCA.

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At BPCA, we’re working hard to deliver on the 2025 strategy to REPRESENT, SUPPORT and ASSURE our members as we continue to drive professionalism within the industry.

We’ve got a lot to celebrate from our last Association year.

80 years of BPCA

We’re currently celebrating the 80th birthday of BPCA. To mark this significant milestone, we’ve held several 80th-anniversary member events in the south, midlands and north west, with similar events planned for Wales and Scotland over the next few months.

We held a successful 80th Anniversary reception at the Houses of Parliament attended by many members, industry leaders, MPs and government ministers. This was an excellent opportunity for BPCA to REPRESENT our members and champion professional pest control.

A professional register for a professional workforce

BPCA Registered continues to go from strength to strength. BPCA Registered is now the only pest control CPD scheme independently verified by the CPD Certification Service.

That means if you’re BPCA Registered, your CPD scheme meets the same standards as Oxford University and the Football Association’s schemes. In 2023 we’re aiming for more than 3,000 pest professionals to gain their CPD points via the scheme. 

We carried out consultation events on the new BPCA Qualification Framework. We aim to train pest professionals to the right level of knowledge, skills and competency to ASSURE professionalism, safeguard our future and protect our toolbox from further scrutiny.

Small sector – big voice

small sector big voice

We’ve seen at first-hand the effect of the investment that BPCA has made in our public affairs work. This has given our members a unified and strong voice to defend our industry and toolbox from ongoing attacks and tightening regulations.

This is demonstrated by the work done to get licensing built into England’s Glue Traps (Offences) Act 2022. We are working hard to influence Glue Board legislation in Wales and Scotland. This is essential work to protect the future of our industry for our members.

Your Executive Board has created a new Policy Officer role on the Staff team, with the aim of further protecting members with a stronger and more proactive voice in public affairs work.

This sound investment will allow us to push for public policy that will benefit our members’ businesses in 2023 and beyond.

Attracting talent 

Making our members stronger within the industry is an important goal. I’m delighted that with the Board’s unanimous support, we have constituted a new committee of the Association.

The BPCA Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee has been formed to begin the vital work to help make our industry more accessible for all. 

We all love our industry, and a career as a pest professional is a fantastic opportunity, but more people need to learn that we exist.

The work of this committee will start with a focus on showing that pest control is not just a job. It’s more than that. It’s a professional career that can attract the best talent from the whole employment market.

Celebrate volunteers

It’s been a privilege to work with the BPCA Staff team, the Executive Board, the committees and the working groups of the Association to continually improve how we can SUPPORT members. 

I thank all the volunteer members for their commitment and hard work. Your Association would not be the same without your efforts.

Remember, BPCA is your Association. Please get in touch if you want to get more engaged in our work.

I want to thank our Immediate Past President, Phil Halpin, for all his mentoring and support in my first year as President of the Association. I plan to continue building on his foundation of good work.

A tough year ahead for a tough Association

tough year tough association

For many of us, times have been challenging. We have many unknowns ahead in our immediate future.

The aftermath of the pandemic and Brexit are still fresh in our minds. Biocide registrations and renewals are right around the corner. Pest control is debated in Westminster, the Welsh Senedd and the Scottish Parliament.

The fuel crisis, cost of living crisis and impending recession will touch all our businesses. 

However, BPCA, your Association, is strong. We have an excellent team of staff and member volunteers working for the benefit of our members.

We aim to continue to increase our REPRESENTATION and SUPPORT for our members as we ASSURE professionalism in our industry.

As you might have guessed – I’m proud of BPCA. But your Association needs you. I encourage all members to consider how you may get involved and become more engaged in 2023 as we push forward for the benefit of our members.

I wish all of you every success in the year ahead.

Run by pest professionals

All BPCA Board and committee members are volunteers from member companies. No one gets paid. They all do it for the love and service of the sector.

If you’re interested in volunteering with BPCA, we’d love to hear from you.

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