Professional Pest Controller Magazine Issue 98

21 February 2020

BPCA Forum: YOUR local pest events

Events | PPC98 March 2020

When we began organising regional events over ten years ago, Kevin Higgins, our Membership Manager, met with a few members in an evening.

Now BPCA Forums regularly see audiences of 80+ with exhibitor tables, a full morning of speakers and a calendar of at least ten events per year across the UK.


Forums have developed a lot over the years. We’ve added a mini-exhibition so you can meet product manufacturers and distributors.

We provide delegate packs for making notes and following up with speakers. Last year, we even invested in PA equipment so even quietly-spoken guest speakers can be heard through the room.

While these changes all received good feedback, with a new decade on the horizon we felt it was time for another big step.

New for 2020

Break out sessions

Agendas for Forums now have breakout sessions on more practical topics. You can get more involved, and we can engage more with attendees.

More CPD points

A more practical approach means more CPD points, with six BPCA Registered points available per Forum.

BPCA Registered helpdesk

There’ll be a representative of the CPD team from BPCA Registered at every Forum, to answer any questions, log any points and help you find CPD activities.

New faces

More of the BPCA team will be involved and Staff team members will be at these events. Meet the people you talk to on the phone! Members of BPCA Committees and Executive Board will also attend and we’ll point them out to you too.

New look

We’ve jazzed up the look and feel of BPCA Forums to make each stop on our UK tour feel a bit unique.

Don’t worry, there is still a bacon roll on arrival, exhibitor tables and great topics on the agenda – we wouldn’t want to fix what isn’t broken!

West Scotland Forum

Glasgow forum new forum format

Our new style Forum went down a treat in Glasgow.

With a record-breaking 97 registered guests, the pest event went down well.

Fiona from the Scottish Government discussed challenges with Asian hornets, and Paul Wilson brought Delta the owl to talk about practical trapping.

Your View

In 2019, we conducted a survey of our Members and Affiliates.

The events were highly valued, but one key sentiment was that Forums should be more than ‘sitting on a chair and watching a presentation’.

Just like the pest management sector itself, BPCA Forums should take a practical approach with hands-on learning.



The Forums are open to anyone with an interest in pest management. You don’t have to be a BPCA member and you can send along as many team members as you want.

Forums are all about getting involved and meeting people from the industry to learn from each other.

Please do come along and tell us what you think of the new format!

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