Professional Pest Controller Magazine Issue 98

26 February 2020

President's report: Writing the history of pest management

Annual report 2019 | PPC98 March 2020

BPCA President Phil Halpin takes a look back at the highlights of a successful and noteworthy 2019 for the Association.


As I write, I like to imagine where you’re reading this.

Some of you are no doubt in your vans between jobs. Others will be back at the office or sitting in the comfy chair at home.

Some of you will be skimming through the reports before the AGM and BPCA Forum starts.

Others will be taking a breather at PPC Live (this extra special is the PPC Live showguide too, after all).

Some of you might be reading this in the far off future. BPCA has been around for 76 years, and there’s nothing to say we won’t be around for 76 more.

If the pest management historians go pouring through BPCA annual reports, I suspect they’ll be paying close attention to 2019. It was an especially significant year!

Birds and baits

When your general licences for bird control in England disappeared overnight, BPCA kept the sector in the loop.

We supported members to continue to do critical bird work, protecting public health in the UK.

Our open letter is directly quoted in the Defra report, and BPCA now sits comfortably at the table of stakeholders discussing the future of bird licences.

Your voices were heard. Your professional tools were protected.

When CRRU guidance was incorporated to rodenticide labels, causing headaches for many pest companies, BPCA heard your concerns and pulled together a roundtable event.

Again, together we changed things. The guidance was updated and clarified.

Your voice was heard. Your professionalism protected. 

When your general licences for bird control in England disappeared overnight, BPCA kept the sector in the loop. We supported members to continue to do critical bird work, protecting public health in the UK.

Phil Halpin, BPCA President

BPCA Registered

In January 2019, BPCA launched potentially its biggest new initiative ever. BPCA Registered was a monumental achievement for the Association.

Not only did we begin to individually recognise PEOPLE in the pest sector, but we gave them the tools they needed to shout about their professionalism.

While we might have had some boos and hisses from the wings, members stood up and voted with their feet.

Year one BPCA Registered numbers smashed targets and went to show that members are proud and passionate about their people’s development, skills and qualifications.

The fact that the scheme is already recognised by the Irish Government as valid proof of CPD for their Pest Management Trained Professional Users (PMU) Register is a testament to the quality and success of the scheme.

Honestly, thank you to everyone who joined us for year one of BPCA Registered. You helped us make history!

PestEx 2019

As the biggest event in the pest management calendar, there’s always a lot going on behind the scenes in preparation.

2019 was off the charts though, not least because the whole show was managed from start to finish by the BPCA team.

I want to reiterate my congratulations to Ian and the Staff team for pulling off such a great event.

And thanks again to exhibitors, speakers and attendees that helped make it a success.

All to plan

Things like BPCA RegisteredPestEx and our lobbying are great examples of our strategy in action.

Our strategic aims centre around two principles:

  1. Drive professionalism
  2. Make our voice heard.

The actual strategic document might be a bit longer than that.

Still, in a bid to demystify what our strategy actually is, everything that we aim to do sits neatly underneath these principles.

BPCA Registered gives technicians and support staff in our organisations a stronger voice by giving them a framework to shout about their professionalism.

PestEx gets us all together under one roof to learn from each other and listen to what we all need to thrive.

We’ll stand up for you when the tools of your trade come under attack. Together we have a loud and significant voice to defend our professionalism.

bpca-annual-report-president-report-soc med

I’m pleased to report that the Executive Board has had some great support from the various BPCA Committees and Special Interest Groups.

While the groups have their own distinct identities, their agendas and objectives are very much more aligned with the Association’s longer-term goals.

Thank you to all of the volunteers in whatever capacity for their contribution throughout the year.

Between all this, we also managed to squeeze in:

How will you remember 2019? Better yet, how will you help make 2020 even more impressive?

Why not make 2020 the year you get involved with BPCA? Join a group, an event, a Committee, a Forum, a conversation. Write an article. Pick up a phone. Learn something, train someone, prioritise your team’s development.

Make your voice heard. Show off your professionalism.

After all, we’re all writing the history of pest management.

What's the plan?


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