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15 July 2021

Bayer announces release of new Harmonix® Rodent Paste


BPCA member Bayer is bringing a new professional-use cholecalciferol rodenticide, which can be used in open areas and burrows, to the market this September.


Tim Peeling, product manager at Bayer Environmental Science, says, this is the first new product on the market with extensive label usage for a very long time.

“Harmonix® Rodent Paste marks a new era in pest control, and we’re really excited to bring it to the market, at a time when anticoagulants resistance and labels on other products are becoming more restrictive,” says Tim.

As well as its label advantages, Tim highlights that due to its mode of action and unique formulation, the new solution has many environmental benefits, such as a low secondary poisoning hazard compared to traditional anticoagulants. It also has a stop feeding effect.

“Initial research shows that 50% less bait is consumed during a rodent campaign, when using this solution,” says Tim.

“The stop feeding effect means rodents lose their appetite after a few days, reducing bait intake while offering successful control. This option also has environmental advantages as there’s less rodenticides entering the environment.

“The rapid control of rodents, and their subsequent loss of appetite, also reduces the risk of disease and damage from the pests, a win-win for everyone,” he adds.

Tim also notes that for pest managers who are looking for an integrated program, Harmonix® Monitoring Paste has a similar bait matrix as the new Harmonix® Rodent Paste.

“This approach will allow professional pest controls to easily change from a monitoring program to a control program overcoming any bait shyness, while achieving swift control,” he adds.

“Once available, I’m confident that Harmonix® Rodent Paste will be the go-to rodenticide, due to its high performing formulation and environmental credentials,” says Tim.


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