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17 February 2022

Fly catch analysis and rodent activity templates now available in member library


With more sites asking for fly-catch and rodent activity analysis as part of their contracts, BPCA has produced two easy-to-use templates for members. 

Fly catch analysis and rodent activity templates now available in member library

These documents can be downloaded and customised for your client’s specific needs. The files open in spreadsheet software like Microsoft Excel and automatically plot your findings on graphs.

Guidance and examples of how these documents can be used are included in the file.

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Fly catch analysis 

This template can be used in two ways. 

The first option is to record each electric fly killer (EFK) unit separately, identifying common categories of fly, unusual activity and making recommendations per unit. Using the template this way will plot you a graph of activity per unit.

The second option is to record multiple EFKs on the same template. This will give you an overview of the whole site, helping you make site-wide recommendations. 

Rodent activity analysis

You can use this template in a few different ways too. Record full or partial bait take in different areas or get really granular, and record takes in every bait station individually.

Graphs will plot themselves automatically based on the data you input. This will help you make client recommendations and add a very professional document to your site folders!


The improved document area has hundreds of industry and exclusive documents ready for you to browse and download. 

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These templates were created at the request of a member. Want something that’s not in the library? Request a document now. 

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