Professional Pest Controller Magazine Issue 90

27 February 2018

All together now

President foreword  l | PPC90 March 2018

PPC Live

Maybe you’re reading this while working your way through the packed hall of exhibitors or between participating in one of the informative seminars or live demonstrations.

These sessions, be they discussing ‘Technology vs Technicians’ or ‘Resistance – back to basics’, provide an excellent opportunity for personal development, and genuine food for thought on some of the highly relevant challenges and opportunities within our industry.

PPC Live is all about creating a forum to both learn and debate what these topics mean for us all. We mustn’t shy away from being prepared to have these challenging, and sometimes highly emotive, discussions.

I hope you take away something useful from PPC Live and share some of your ideas in return. After all these events are all about getting together to learn and share our ideas.

Chief Executive

Last time we spoke, I told you that we were making good progress in our search for a new CEO. By the time you read this we will have welcomed Ian Andrew to BPCA, as the new leader of the Association.

I’m delighted that Ian is joining us, following a recruitment process that saw us receive over 100 applications for the post – a testament to the great work that BPCA does in both supporting our Members and leading the Industry.

I’ve said all along that, while the Association has made significant strides over the last seven or eight years, we were looking for a very different set of skills and experience for our next CEO to those that the previous incumbent gave us – what was his name again?!

Seven and a half years ago Simon was the right person to see us develop to where we are now – and a great job he did too. However, with the new strategic direction BPCA will need to take going forward, (more on that later), we need a leader with very different expertise to lead us through the coming years, and Ian certainly gives us that.

That said, as well as driving the delivery of our strategy, our CEO is first and foremost an Association leader. I do not doubt that Ian has the leadership skills to get the very best out of our excellent staff team so that they can continue to deliver for the benefit of our Members.

I’ll let Ian introduce himself to you in his own way, but I know that one of his immediate priorities is to get out and meet people from all categories of our membership. He also plans to connect early on with other organisations at either end of our supply chain, along with legislators, and those who will be key allies for us going forward.

That’s quite an induction plan, but I’m sure that you’ll all rise to the challenge, and you’ll help him out along the way.

2018-21 strategy

If leading the recruitment of a new CEO is the single most important task of the BPCA President, not far behind is the creation of a strategy for the Association.

I’m pleased to report that we continue to make substantial progress, on re-cutting our latest three-year strategic plan – yes, it’s been quite a first eight months in the post for me!

A key element of the new plan will be defining BPCA’s place within the likely regulation of professional pest control which, many of us agree, is coming along at some point. When recruiting for our new CEO the experience of such matters was close to the top of our wishlist, and Ian ticks that box too.

In the coming months don’t be surprised to see our new CEO kitted out in PPE, observing one of our expert members doing what they do best. Ian now starts on his journey to understand the expertise, passion and aspiration to professionalise that most of us have within the public health pest control sector.

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Tom-Holmes-headTom Holmes
BPCA President, Head of Durable Product Development, Pelsis Group

1 March 2017  |  PPC90

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