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27 February 2018

Anticoagulant rodenticide changes for 2018

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There are few sectors where changes in legislation lead us to have to adapt our practice as much as the pest management industry. Product changes can be tricky to follow at the best of times, but we’re finding the changes coming thick and fast in recent years. Our Manufacturer and Distributor Committee has helped us put together an article with all the upcoming changes to professional use rodenticides.

Reclassification of rodenticide

Rodenticide pack sizes

Following product renewal of anticoagulant (AVK) rodenticides (estimated Q1 2018) all professional anticoagulant rodenticides will have a minimum pack size introduced of 3kg.
This is to further distinguish them from amateur rodent control products which will have a maximum pack size of up to 300g introduced at the same time.

  • Amateur use mice only products – 100g maximum
  • Amateur use mice and rat products – 300g maximum.

The aim is to ensure that professional pest controllers continue to have access to larger quantities of rodenticide while restricting the ability of amateurs to acquire large quantities of rodenticide through retail sources.

Some individual products may have maximum pack sizes of 10kg introduced based on their own risk assessments, with particular reference to any potential operator exposure during the decanting process.

The minimum 3kg pack size for professional use applies to the outer carton and not the inner product packaging. This means that if you are currently using products that are below the 3kg minimum, you can continue to do so, but you will need to buy them from your distributor in case quantities.

For example, if you are using a 300g paste product in a caulking gun tube then you can continue to do so, but unless the authorisation holder has a specific agreement with HSE to vary this approach, then you will have to purchase them in a case of ten to meet the 3kg minimum requirements.

Key dates

Product renewal authorisations are anticipated to be granted during the first quarter of 2018. Following renewal, products with the existing product label will have a six month sell-out period followed by a further six-month use-up period provided that these product labels are Classification, Labelling and Packaging (CLP) compliant.

Please contact your distributor for information on phase-out dates for specific products.

As always, please ensure that products are used in accordance with the label instructions and please contact your distributor for further advice as needed.

Toxic to reproduction classification

In addition to rodenticide product renewals, Classification, Labelling and Packaging (CLP) will be in place from 1 March 2018 and will run in parallel to product renewal authorisations.

All anticoagulant rodenticides containing a concentration of 30ppm (0.003%) or higher will need to carry a new hazard symbol and statement.

Danger may damage the unborn child

We’ll update you through regular BPCA communications with what this will mean for you.

At this date all amateur rodenticides containing an anticoagulant active substance concentration level of 30ppm or higher will be withdrawn from the market. Professionals will continue to be able to purchase products containing 50ppm of active ingredient, providing a further distinction between amateur and professional products.

Product renewals process

The above is accurate as we understand it at the current time. However, many products are still in their evaluation phase and, until this is concluded, there is potential for this picture to change.
The M&D Committee will communicate to members if and when any changes occur.

Explaining rodenticide label changes to clients

Download for free from the Member area

BPCA's M&D Committee has produced a leaflet that members can give to clients explaining the label changes and what they mean.

It’s still early days to see what the changes will mean in terms of product availability, however our M&D Committee is working closely with our Servicing Committee to keep members updated with any product changes.

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