Professional Pest Controller Magazine Issue 98

26 February 2020

Come on Board!

Your association | PPC98 March 2020

We’re always looking for passionate and dedicated individuals to volunteer their time with us here at BPCA, whether that’s on one of our Committees or on the Association’s Executive Board.

It’s a great opportunity to help influence changes, both within the Association and the wider industry.

But don’t take our word for it.


Alan Morris, Country Head at Bayer Environmental Science, has been on the Executive Board since June 2012 and leaves us as Vice President.

He describes his time on the Board, what has changed and why you should consider a place at the table.

Evolution not revolution

I joined the BPCA Executive Board around seven and a half years ago, looking to get more involved with the wider sector.

One of the things which has always been great about the Board, and one of the reasons I joined, is the dedication from a group of people interested in giving something back to the sector and the Association.

During my tenure on the Executive Board, I’ve seen a lot of positive changes.

Without trying to sound too cheesy, it’s been more of an evolution than a revolution.

The biggest change I have seen is how a lot of the power has shifted to the Staff team, to have more ownership of the strategy and be empowered by it.

The industry has upped its game over the years to adapt to external pressures, so the level of training and knowledge required has expanded.

The Board and Association has had to grow with that and I’ve seen the Association take a real lead in creating higher standards.

It’s resulted in some great steps forward, such as the Association putting in place the criteria for membership over a three-year period, introducing stricter CPD and training goals.

By putting that time and effort in, we’ve helped make key decisions and make some real change happen.

It helps shape the pest management industry and it’s a hugely positive thing to be a part of.

Be part of something bigger

My advice to anyone thinking of joining the Board would be to do it. Get involved.

Everyone’s point of view is relevant, it’s just making sure you have the confidence to know that your opinion matters. don’t want lots of big companies sitting on the board because it takes it in a certain direction. We need that mix: a one-man-band has the same amount of relevance as a multinational.

Alan Morris, Bayer

The Association is ultimately run for the members, you don’t want lots of big companies sitting on the Board because it takes it in a certain direction.

We need that mix: a one-man-band has the same amount of relevance as a multinational.

Everyone brings something to the party and helps the person next to them see things from a different perspective.

Another thing I would say is: you’ve made the commitment to be there, so make a difference while you’re there and make sure you’re heard.

On an individual level, it’s a real development opportunity, exposing you to another level of business and expanding your skillset.

Although I’m sad to go, I am looking forward to seeing what diversity, skills and knowledge this natural rotation of people will help bring to the table.

It’s been seven and a half years since I joined, and it’s been a great experience.

I’ve really enjoyed my time on the Board and although my work commitments mean I won’t be able to continue being involved in that way, I know it’s in great hands and in great shape to take the Association forward. 

We need you

We’re looking for a few people from member companies to join the Executive Board and drive the mission of the Association. Our ideal Board candidates will be:

  • Passionate about pest management
  • Willing to drive positive change
  • Business-minded with sound judgment
  • A good listener with an open-mind
  • Good at challenging and scrutinising BPCA activity
  • Courageous and unafraid of sharing their opinions in a board setting.

Responsibilities will include attending at least four Board meetings a year and helping to drive the Association’s strategic enablers.

You’ll need to be fully prepared to do some independent work and scrutinise various papers.

You’ll need to be able to spare time to dedicate to the Board and Association.


Does this sound like you? All Board members are elected at the AGM, however if you register your interest now we can help answer all your questions and get you ready for the election.

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