Professional Pest Controller Magazine Issue 98

26 February 2020

Designed for Committee?

Your association | PPC98 March 2020

Leaving the Servicing Committee after almost 13 years, Jenny Humphrey joined after her father, who had been an active member of the BPCA for some years, passed away.

She spoke to us about her Committee tenure and why she would recommend taking your place at the table.


Passion for pest control

The meeting after my father passed away, I decided to take his place on the Committee and I had no idea what to expect at that first meeting.

What I did find was that everyone was very friendly and welcomed me with open arms.

I found I was part of a group of people who treated each other as equals, whether they came from a large or medium company or even a one-man-band.

I always loved thinking about the amount of years’ experience in that room at every meeting.

The Servicing Committee has a passion for the pest control industry and dedication towards improving it.

Being part of the Committee is knowing that your opinions are going to be heard.

It doesn’t matter what you say, however silly it may have seemed at the time, everyone listens and discusses.

Most of all, they are always looking for ways to help the industry move forward, whatever problems have been thrown at it.

Having been on the Servicing Committee for over a decade, I shall miss being able to put my views forward to a group of like-minded individuals and helping make changes which improve our working lives.

I’ll also miss having first-hand knowledge about changes within the industry and why those changes are being made.

Most of all, I shall miss the banter – I love chatting to other pest controllers about issues they’re having and how they’re dealing with them. 

Being members of the BPCA, we all have an opinion about the Association and how it is run.

We also have strong opinions on how and where the industry is going.

By joining the Servicing Committee and giving up four days per year of your time to the Association, you can make your voice heard and change things for the better.


Think you have something to contribute to the BPCA Servicing Committee? If you’re interested in observing a Servicing Committee meeting, get in touch for an invite.

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