27 April 2017

Rats blamed for blaze - save yourself from similar devastation

Rats could be to blame for a fire at a coach firm, destroying three coaches and three minibuses in Hedge End, near Southampton.  Fire investigators have concluded that the most likely cause of the fire was a spark from an electrical fault, which could have been as the result of a possible rodent infestation, with the pests gnawing through wires.

A Fire Service spokesman said "it's not unheard of - certainly rodents and animals chewing through things have caused us issues in the past." He added "for it to have caused this much devastation, they have been pretty unlucky."

Steve Barfoot, director of the small family coach and minibus hire firm Barfoot and Sons, said 'if it's down to rodents, it is frustrating such a small animal caused so much damage and devastation.'

The British Pest Control Association advises anyone with a current rodent infestation should seek professional advice immediately. BPCA Technical Manager Richard Moseley says "rodents are notorious for causing damage to properties and electrical wiring. Rodents gnaw to wear back their constantly growing teeth, and this can result in fires such as the one seen in Southampton."

He added "for serious or persistent rat infestations we'd recommend you call a local professional pest control servicing company or your local authority environmental health department. They will have at their disposal a range of rodenticide products which are not available to the householder."

If you're in need of a trusted local professional pest controller you can search on our website. All BPCA members are qualified, trained and offer an exceptionally high quality and efficient level of service.

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