15 November 2018

BPCA reaches 500 Servicing Company members

The Association has this month reached the significant milestone of 500 full servicing member companies.

BPCA last year celebrated its 75th anniversary after being set up in 1942 and is now celebrating reaching the ‘fantastic’ milestone after Kent-based firm Hademly Pest Control graduated into membership from the Association’s Probationary Scheme.

This is a fantastic milestone for the Association and its members to celebrate. As someone responsible for both membership retention and growth, I’ve had 500 in my sights for some time but I didn’t know if we’d make it this year or not. Most of me thinks, and the rest of me hopes, it's a representation of just how well respected the membership logo is becoming, both in our industry, but also in the eyes of customers.

Kevin Higgins, BPCA Membership Manager

BPCA reached 400 servicing member companies in late 2015 and passed through 450 servicing members in June 2017.

John Carrington, owner of family-run Hademly entered into pest management earlier this year after 36 years in the banking industry. He said:

“I’ve always been interested in animal behaviour and biology, and after taking redundancy I wanted to do something I was interested in, and something which helps people.”

“I attended BPCA’s General Pest Control Course in May last year, and have to thank Paul, the tutor, for an excellent week. Since then, I’ve started to expand my learning into bed bugs and would love to hear how other people approach this service.”

“Hademly has been up and running for nearly 12 months, and since I joined BPCA last month I’ve already had some work come through I wasn’t expecting. As well as the logo I’m really interested in the Contract Sharing Network, and also BPCA Registered.”

Other new members which have contributed to getting over the 500 line include Gold Standard Pest Solutions in Kent, Pestology in Isleworth, Hyndburn Borough Council in Accrington, Aim Pest Control in Bury St Edmunds, MP Environmental in Ramsgate, Swiftkill Ltd in Kent, Viable Services in London and Target Pest Solutions in, Norwich, all of which joined in October.

BPCA members and supporters will be able to learn more about John and Hademly in PPC 93’s ‘Meet the Member’ which will be released in early December.

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