08 January 2020

Are we going to lose more insecticides in 2020?

With several prominent changes to insecticides in 2019, BPCA's been asked what the future of insecticides will look like. While nothing is certain, we've tried to clarify what's going on.

Future of insecticides in 2020 Brtish Pest Control Assocaition

As with rodenticides, all insecticides are in the process of going through registration for use in the UK. Just like with rodenticides, this is a complex process which involves many factors.

All products are assessed based on “risk” and manufacturers will be spending lots of money and time to retain the products that we have.

Ultimately it is the regulators that will decide if products pass registration. We can assure you that the manufacturers are doing everything they can.

In conclusion, yes we might lose more insecticides, however, we know manufacturers are working hard to bring new products to the market.

We'll always post about changes to products as soon as we hear about them from the manufacturer. 

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