27 February 2020

Ask the technical team March 2020

Technical | PPC98 March 2020

Our technical team answer questions about insect control, personal development, general licences and bed bugs in this issue.

When you’re a BPCA member you can get technical support whenever you need it via our experienced technical team. Here are just a few of the latest questions posed...


  • Manufacturers are working hard to mitigate loss of insecticides
  • Building up a year’s worth of CPD is easy when broken into bite-sized chunks
  • General licences are in a period of flux, but information is easy to obtain
  • Bed bug infestations are becoming more tricky to deal with – watch our webinar to get clued up.

Ask the technical team anything

Are we going to keep losing insecticides?

DEE REPLIES: As with rodenticides, all insecticides are in the process of going through registration for use in the UK.

Just like with rodenticides, this is a complex process which involves many factors.

All products are assessed based on risk, and manufacturers will be spending lots of money and time to retain the products that we have.

Ultimately, it is the regulators that will decide what products pass registration. We can assure you that the manufacturers are doing everything they can.

In conclusion, yes we might lose more insecticides. However, we know manufacturers are working hard to bring new products to the market.

How can I best manage my CPD?

NATALIE REPLIES: Whether you’re with BPCA Registered or Basis Prompt, CPD is an essential part of your year.

How about taking some time at the start of 2020 to plan it out?

You need to record 20 CPD points over 12 months. Why not schedule one day a month to do some CPD?

As long as you aim to get one to two points each time, you will be hitting the target by the end of the year.

It really is that simple!

Reading magazines, talking to the BPCA technical team, doing online quizzes, learning something from colleagues, watching webinars and attending training events or exhibitions (such as PPC Live in March) will all help you achieve the standard and remain up-to-date.

If you are on BPCA Registered, don’t forget to log your unstructured CPD points.

If you’re unsure how to do this contact Katrina at BPCA HQ.

What’s happening with the bird licences?

DEE REPLIES: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland all have different general licences for the control of birds.

Species and reasons for control differ slightly from country to country, so you must be familiar with all the countries in which you operate and their licence conditions.

Your governing authority for these licences will have full copies for you to download and read - it is important that you do this, as it is a legal requirement.

England, Wales and Scotland have already made changes or have announced intended changes for 2020.

Any changes to these licences will be widely advertised and we will do our best to keep you updated.




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