16 November 2017

Your Association: Get involved with PPC magazine

Your Association | PPC89 November 2017

A considerable amount of time and resources get dedicated to creating PPC magazine. Content and Communications Officer, Scott Johnstone, looks to what the future holds for PPC and how you can be involved in its development in 2018.

Get involved with PPC magazine

How to get involved - quick jump:

This is the fifth edition of PPC magazine that I’ve worked on now and, to be honest, it’s still terrifying how quickly those print deadlines come around.

It’s my job to pull together all the ideas the editorial team has, communicate with all the contributors, sub-edit the work, and liaise with our designer and printers to make sure it lands on your desk when we say it will (give-or-take).

We introduced a number of new ideas into these five issues. We’ve changed the size, increased the page count, packed in more business and pest features, taken more risks, and developed our voice to reflect better what we are told our readers want – after all, trade magazines don’t need to be dull just because they’re about work life. So far, so good too. Circulation continues to increase, and the feedback we’ve had certainly warrants the risks we’ve taken.

Now, we’re just about to move into 2018 so what’s next? Well, we’ve got some ideas, but we need your help. And here’s how...

Be a PPC insider

Be a ppc insider

With our editor leaving us to pan for gold with the jewellers, his seven years of industry contacts and ‘I know a guy’ attitude will leave with him.

This means I’ll be looking to the BPCA membership community to help fill the gaps. I’d like to get together a passionate group of members with a specialist interest in PPC magazine and the editorial work we do.

What will a PPC insider do?

  • You’ll be asked about what articles you’d like to see
  • Give good honest opinions on articles we suggest
  • Asked to share news that matters to you with our editorial team
  • Suggest writers and point to research that you think the readers, like you, want to think about
  • Tell us what you like and want to see more of
  • Tell us what’s not so great so that we can improve in the future.


Above all, you’ll be our sounding board. We’ll check in with you to make sure the true voice of the BPCA professional is being heard.

You don’t need to have a PhD to join – we’re not asking you to join a technical board. We want technicians, managers, owners, specialists and office support staff from all stages in their career to get involved.

If you work for a BPCA member, we want your voice represented in the magazine.

Register your interest

Tell us what to write about

Tell us what to write about

A lot of our magazine articles are suggested by members and the various BPCA committees and forums.

We rely on you to tell us what you want to hear about. Do you want more practical articles about how to better use the tools of your trade? More scientific articles about pest species? More collaborations with other associated industries? Or business features? What about interviews with industry professionals?

Without your suggestions, like any trade magazine, we run the risk of just cycling through the same stories year after year.

It is important to us to keep serving you up new, informative, interesting and entertaining articles, issue after issue.

Tell us what you want:

Member news and press releases

Member news and press releases

Everyone loves reading what exciting things other members are up to.

Hearing member news helps create the BPCA member community, and without your stories, we’d just be another trade magazine.

Have you been on a particularly interesting job that you think other readers could learn from? Have you encountered an unusual pest species while out on your rounds? Have you just won an award or helped with a local community project? Have you got ideas for how to increase the profile or professionalism of the sector?

Help us to help you, and help the sector.

Tell us what you’re doing so we can tell the (pest management) world:
01332 225 115

Write a feature for us

Write a feature for us

Did you know that writing for industry magazines gets you CPD points?

Being able to show clients articles you’ve written for the sector is an impressive selling point. It shows that you’re more than a good pest professional - you’re a key influencer in your field.

If you’re an expert in anything from a pest species to business practice, we love getting features written by our members for our members. All we ask is that the features are thought-provoking and genuinely of value to our readership. Other than that - we’re open to suggestions.

Want to join our team of writers?
Tell us your ideas:

Advertise with us

Advertise with us

Creating, printing and distributing the magazine is expensive - we couldn’t do our magazine without those who support us through advertisements.

PPC is a unique way to reach a very specific audience of professionals in the pest management sector.

We’re now distributing the magazine to nearly 10,000 individuals and companies, in the UK and around the world. With our new website version of the magazine, our audience is snowballing.
There are discounts available for members, and if you book consecutive adverts, you get more money off (10% off for two consecutive issues, 15% for three, and 20% for four or more).

Free online adverts when you buy a print advert

Free online adverts

Print adverts with an asterisk will be given the option of a free online version of the advert on the BPCA website. They will remain online for up to one year, and you can choose to link to a webpage of your choice.

The digital advertising options not only live on long after the magazine has hit desks, but also significantly boosts organic search for companies advertising. Your advert will be discoverable to the hundreds of thousands of visitors that head to the site each year.

Whatever you do, do it with us. We can’t visit 10,000+ people in the pest management sector four times a year – but PPC can. Remember this is your magazine and your voice. Do with it what you will!

Our latest rates and info

Talk to me about adverts:

01332 225 115

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16 November 2017  |  PPC89

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