11 October 2018

Bayer launches app update

BPCA member company Bayer Pest Solutions is launching an improved version of their Pest Partner app. The rejuvenated tool will incorporate the features from the current app while bringing new innovations to assist pest controllers.

The Pest Partner app will be available to download for free on 7 November and is designed to assist users in their daily work. 

Pest Partner by Bayer

New and returning features

Kimberley Baker, Bayer Assistant Product Manager, said: 

“The latest feature, the treatment calculator, allows users to accurately calculate dosage requirements while on the job. Users can simply enter the pest type, product name and application method then the tool will calculate the correct rate to be applied.

“The already popular intuitive product information guide will continue to provide a list of pests that each product controls as well as the time of year and places the product can be used.

“A camera tool allows users to take a photo of the pest issue and send it to a Bayer expert for personalised advice on the best solution.

“Up to date safety data sheets and labels are all now available at the touch of a button to ensure that users are always armed with vital information for the correct and safe use of products.

“Additional features include sections on distributor locations and a live weather forecast to help guide application timings.” 

For more information please visit Bayer on stand B1 at PestTech on 7 November, or visit environmentalscience.bayer.co.uk/pest-management or contact the Pest Solutions Team on 00800 1214 9451 or email pestsolutions@bayer.com


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