03 February 2021

Reminder: Report illegal pesticide sales when you spot them online

It’s been nearly two years since we released our Guidance Document to identify and report illegal internet sales of rodenticides and other pesticides.

In that time, BPCA has helped remove many illegal sales from the marketplace. We’ve been able to do this because of the vigilance of members who have spotted these sales - so if you’ve reported an illegal listing - thank you!

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However, it’s never been easier to sell something online, and the pandemic has seen more people take to the internet to boost their income. The vast majority of sales of pesticides online are done legally, however we encourage you to report illegal activity to us when you see it.

Our Guidance Document on Identifying and Reporting Illegal Internet Sales of Rodenticides and Other Pesticides helps you determine whether a sale is legal or not. It also tells you where it is best to report illegal activity.

Download it now

Please keep a watchful eye for any sales that fall outside of the legal parameters set out in this document.

Once you've established that a listing is illegal you can report them directly to us by sending an email to technical@bpca.org.uk.

Be sure to include the links and details in any submissions you make.


If you have any questions about illegal pesticide sales or our work with eBay to tackle it, get in touch.


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