Professional Pest Controller Magazine Issue 95

28 May 2019

So how was your PestEx?


For this issue of PPC firstly I’d like to say a big thank you to those of you that managed to attend PestEx in March. For my part, I thought it was a resounding success and the BPCA Staff team really did pull off a great show. I hope you found your visit as rewarding as I did and you picked up some unstructured CPD learning points along the way.

This PestEx was a particularly important milestone because not only did the show attract more visitors than ever, it was also solely organised by the BPCA Staff team without the assistance of an event organiser. A fantastic well done to Ian and the entire Staff team for really doing a top job.

I’ve also received some positive feedback from exhibitors who reported their stands were as busy as ever and they had excellent opportunities to showcase their products and services. They are already reserving spots for PPC Live in 2020!

What did you learn?

One of the best parts of attending an event, like PestEx, is the opportunity to catch up with colleagues and share our knowledge.

'Unstructured' CPD points are really about recognising the different ways that we learn and not just about being sat in a training room.

If you popped by the BPCA stand you would have noticed there were plenty of members and non-members finding out about what BPCA can do for them. I was really pleased to see the whole BPCA team talking to members pretty much nonstop for the whole show.

There were also lots of opportunities to further knowledge in the excellent programme of both technical and business seminar theatres.

The seminars were well attended so I hope that if you were one of hundreds of members who attended the sessions, you learned something useful.


So a fantastic number of entries were received for this year’s British Pest Management Awards from across the industry.

There’s more about the winners in this issue of PPC but I’d like to thank all of those who put nominations forward but unfortunately didn’t win. I know the awards panel had a real tough time judging so it’s a testament to the quality of the applications. So please don’t be disheartened if you didn’t win this time around. Keep up those excellent standards and why not have another go next time!

A few beers and a catch-up!

The Afterparty at the end of day one was also enjoyed by all. A different format to last time around which was more formal.

This year saw a much more relaxed affair which was all about networking, catching up and some great food and drinks. There’s talk about keeping the Afterparty more informal like this in the future and having the awards ceremony as a separate event next time, so keep a watch on PPC magazine to find out more.

New Servicing Chair

I’d also like to share with you the appointment of Martin Rose-King of Bounty Pest Control as the new Chairman of the Servicing Committee. Martin’s appointment also means he now sits on the Executive Board as a Director of the Association.

Martin has been on the Servicing Committee for many years and has always been a fantastic contributor and supporter of the initiatives developed by the committee for the benefit of the membership at large.

The Servicing committee are your representatives from a variety of servicing companies both large and small who volunteer their time to help drive BPCA in the right direction for its members. They are there to discuss and find solutions to the challenges we all face in running pest control service businesses. Their input is invaluable in steering the Staff team in the development of policy for the association.

Why not send a message to Martin via Rachel if you are interested in being part of these discussions?

The Servicing committee together with the M&D Committee are also being tasked with supporting the Executive Board with the development of our longer term goals and how we are going to achieve them.

This will see some changes to how the committee agendas are structured in the future so that everyone can feed in to the key strategies in a meaningful way.

So congratulations to Martin and a well done for stepping into the Chair position in this key time for the association.

Phil Halpin
BPCA President
Director, Countrywide
Environmental Services

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