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28 February 2020

PestFix launch new bird control product

BPCA member PestFix will unveil their newly-registered 3-Way Surface Mount Base, for use in bird-proofing applications, at PPC Live 2020 in March.


PestFix explained, "Traditionally, a pest technician would have to bend posts or drill holes too close to the edge of a building ledge, risking damage to the building or dislodging the old design of Surface Mount Base.

"This new design allows installers of Post and Wire anti-perch bird control systems to overcome the age-old problem of achieving an overhanging wire along the leading edge of the feature to be proofed.

"The PestFix 3-Way Surface-Mount base accepts up to 3 bird posts at a time. Two perpendicular to each other, mounted at an angle and one vertical post.

"The perpendicular arrangement also allows installers to overcome the tricky challenge of turning corners neatly and effectively."

The new product will be available to see and order at PPC Live 2020 on 11 March in Harrogate. 


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