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Tuesday, 06 June 2023

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Rat on a bin back issues of PPC magazine by BPCA

Back issues of Professional Pest Controller (PPC) magazine

Professional Pest Controller (PPC) magazine is the premier quarterly magazine for the pest management industry. The publication is aimed at professionals working at all levels in professional pest control.

PPC benefits from a strong technical focus, supported by features on commercial practice, marketing and business development, new products, and pest-related subjects.

PPC is designed to give you, the reader, the advantage over your competition and will keep you up to date with the latest news, techniques and guidance in the industry.

We've made the whole back catalogue of PPC magazine available to everyone. Be the first to see new issues, or get a hard copy of PPC by joining the BPCA Affiliate Scheme

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Issue Cover Feature Release Date Size    
PPC111 Ant attack! June 2023 6,981Kb Coming soon  
PPC110 Food clients and their requirements: A guide March 2023 3,688Kb Download Online
PPC109 Rodent wars November 2022 7,454Kb Download Online
PPC108 Hobbies and well-being special September 2022 6,672Kb Download  Online
PPC107 Licensed to kill? Professionals v have-a-go heroes June 2022 5,171Kb Download  Online
PPC106 PestEx showguide and Annual Report special March 2022 6,812Kb Download  Online
PPC105 Pest management's digital frontier November 2021 5,326 Kb Download Online
PPC104 Animal welfare issue August 2021 6,030 Kb Download Online
PPC103 Sustainability special May 2021 3,595 Kb Download Online
PPC102 PestExtra showguide and Annual Report special March 2021 6,209 Kb Download Online
PPC101 Zoonosis: pest to people pathogens December 2020 9,470 Kb Download Online
PPC100 100 Issue Special August 2020 18,387 Kb Download Online
PPC99 Virus Crisis May 2020 3131 Kb Download Online
PPC98 Spring Queening: On the trail of Asian hornets in Guernsey March 2020 7161 Kb Download Online
PPC97 Resistance in rodents November 2019 3668 Kb Download Online
PPC96 Things that sting! August 2019 2893 Kb Download Online
PPC95 All things Apis mellifera May 2019 8831 Kb Download Online
PPC94 Recommended by Roaches and PestEx Special March 2019 1483 Kb Download Online
PPC93 Small wonder - tiny pests December 2018 9457 Kb Download Online
PPC92 Bird is the word September 2018 11956 Kb Download Online
PPC91 Air attack - flying insects May 2018 8819 Kb Download Online
PPC90 Rodent Wars March 2018 10250 Kb Download Online
PPC89 Pest control while protecting our bats November 2017 11200 Kb Download  
PPC88 The Future Started Yesterday September 2017 10780 Kb Download  
PPC87 The Invasive Garden Ant May 2017  9120 Kb Download  
PPC86 Lets Talk About Fox March 2017  12505 Kb Download  
PPC85 Stewardship is Live November 2016 6569 Kb Download   
PPC84 Social Wasps: No Asbo Required September 2016  7553 Kb Download  
PPC83 Bug Lunch: Edible Pests on the Menu June 2016  5257 Kb Download  
PPC82 Bird Proofing: Spread Your Wings March 2016  3971 Kb Download  
PPC81 Back to the Future: The Future of Pest Control November 2015  8002 Kb Download  
PPC80 Traps that Drown Rodents August 2015  4807 Kb  Download  
PPC79 SGAR Update June 2015  7543 Kb Download  
PPC78 PestEx 2015 Special Feburary 2015 4356 Kb Download  
PPC77 Focus on Rodents November 2014 2202 Kb  Download  
PPC76 Bee Ready and Bee Right  August 2014 2423 Kb  Download  
PPC75 PPC Live Showguide Special May 2014 2020 Kb  Download  
PPC74 Media Spin Spider Yarns February 2014 1832 Kb  Download  
PPC73 Take the European rodent challenge November 2013 5686 Kb Download  
PPC72 Bed Bugs: Know Your Enemy August 2013 2157 Kb Download  
PPC71 The Buzz About Wasps May 2013 2517 Kb Download  
PPC70 PestEx 2013 Special March 2013  2526 Kb Download   
PPC69 Block Treatment: Access All Areas December 2012  8848 Kb Download   
PPC68 Spread Your Wings: Franchising  September 2012 4561 Kb  Download    
PPC67 When An Inspector Calls: Size Indicate the Age of Rats? June 2012 2808 Kb Download   
PPC66 Rodenticide Palatability: Top Priority March 2012 10749 Kb Download   
PPC65 Tomorrows Pest: Invasion of the Asian Hornet December 2011 6781 Kb Download   
PPC64 BPCA Members Hold All the Cards September 2011 6139 Kb Download   
PPC63 Learning from US Bed Bug Control Experience April 2011 4553 Kb  Download   
PPC62 Dead Mammals Leave their Bodies to Science March 2011 4694 Kb Download    
PPC61 Doing Beg Bugs Better Autumn 2010 3644 Kb  Download    
PPC60 Looking for a Silver Lining with the BPD Summer 2010 4311 Kb  Download   
PPC58 What Does 2010 Hold for Pest Control? Winter 2010  3335 Kb  Download    
PPC57 Keeping an Eye on Costs Autumn 2009 4122 Kb Download    
PPC56 PestEx 2009 Review Summer 2009 9140 Kb  Download    
PPC55 PestEx 2009 Preview Spring 2009 5247 Kb  Download    
PPC54 Resistance in Rats Winter 2008  2003 Kb Download    
PPC53 Is Your Team Working Together? Autumn 2008 3452 Kb  Download    
PPC52 The Tale is in the Tail Summer 2008 6267 Kb Download    

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