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  • 26 November 2020

    What to do if you don’t win a pest management tender

    BUSINESS | PPC101 DECEMBER 2020 Facing rejection can be tough, especially when you’ve put a lot of time and effort into bidding for a tender. Expert tender writer Robert Harris, of Harris Associates, provides tips on how to impro.... More

  • 26 November 2020

    Work Smarter with ServSuite (Sponsored)

    ADVERT | PPC101 DECEMBER 2020 ServSuite™ is an enterprise, cloud-based software solution especially designed and developed for the Pest Control Industry. Trusted by companies of all sizes across the world, we have been providing.... More

  • 26 November 2020

    How can pest management companies prepare as the end of the Brexit transition period looms?

    BUSINESS | PPC101 DECEMBER 2020 The UK has left the European Union, but much of what that means for pest control is not yet known. We currently sit in the transition period – where nothing feels different, but a deadline looms. M.... More

  • 26 November 2020

    INFOGRAPHIC: Covid-19 impact study: where are we now?

    BUSINESS | PPC101 DECEMBER 2020 April feels like a long time ago now and much has happened since BPCA first launched our impact survey. We repeated the study to see how the sector is coping six months on, and 708 people responded. .... More

  • 26 November 2020

    The power of print for pest management companies

    BUSINESS | PPC101 DECEMBER 2020 We asked Andrew Pearce, from our print partner Synergy, to assess how he thinks print can promote your pest control company. Whether you’re reading this article in its print or online fo.... More

  • 16 November 2020

    VIDEO: Google's game-changing ad platform for Pest Control

    In this video guest webinar speakers Cathal O'Sullivan and Dave Gibson discuss how Google is reshaping the way customers search for pest control services. Through Local Services Ads (LSA), Google is reshaping the way customers search for ho.... More

  • 03 November 2020

    Opportunity to support Church Farm pest control training centre

    Steve Havers, Church Farm's owner, is looking for a new tenant at the famous pest management training and product testing facility. In 2015, PelGar leased the site for a 5-year period and established a new suite of insectaries, test r.... More

  • 22 September 2020

    Are you ready for a Covid-19 Secure HSE inspection?

    With HSE and Local Authorities ramping up their inspection activity, it’s more important than ever that your pest management company is Covid-secure. Nothing about the pandemic has been easy for small business owners, especially.... More

  • 05 August 2020

    Should I sign that? Contracts and small print with BEB Consultancy

    In this guest blog, specialist contracts and legal services expert BEB Consultancy talk about how to approach written contracts, hidden terms and reading the small print. Thousands of contracts are entered into every day. The.... More

  • 04 August 2020

    How to start a pest management business - Get ready and plan

    BUSINESS | PPC100 August 2020 Kevin Higgins looks at what you should think about before leaving the day job and what you need to launch a successful pest management business.  Long-suffering BPCA Membership Manager, Kevi.... More

  • 03 August 2020

    Your first pest control employee: Two heads better than one?

    BUSINESS | PPC100 August 2020 Taking on your first employee is a landmark moment for any pest management business. It can bring in changes to procedures, policies and management style. We asked Which? Trusted Traders to find us so.... More

  • 03 August 2020

    Incentives for pest management professionals

     Business Feature | PPC100 August 2020 In this article, Paul Bates, Managing Director at Cleankill Pest Control, talks about motivating and inspiring staff using incentives, beyond giving a simple paycheck.  Y.... More

  • 09 July 2020

    UPDATED: Furloughing pest management workers and the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (JRS)

    Furlough is the HR word of the moment, and it’s causing some confusion among employers and employees alike. What is it and how does it work? NOTE: IMPORTANT DATES It’s important to note that the scheme will close to ne.... More

  • 03 June 2020

    Becoming pest ready: guidance for businesses reopening after Covid-19 lockdown

    As businesses prepare to reopen following lockdown, BPCA has produced a guidance document to help them determine whether they are pest-free, compliant and ready to serve the public.   One of the biggest threats that many clo.... More

  • 15 May 2020

    Tools for the Covid-19 secure pest management company

    BPCA has teamed up with print provider Stirland Paterson, to give our members access to Covid-19 health and safety back-to-work signage. The signage includes social distancing graphics, hygiene advice, and rules for keeping staff.... More

  • 30 April 2020

    Keep rats out of the attic: mental health resilience for pest pros

    Health | PPC99 May 2020 We all know that we have to look after our physical health when we’re working, but how often do we stop and think about our mental wellbeing? BPCA Marketing and Communications Officer, Kat Shaw.... More

  • 30 April 2020

    I wish I could fly! Pest control surveys with drones

    Business feature | PPC99 May 2020 We asked PPC Live speaker, and drone pilot, Clark Smith-Stanley from Profile Drone Services to give us an insight into what it is to fly drones for commercial survey work.  Drones.... More

  • 30 April 2020

    Free overdue invoice reminder support for businesses

    Debt recovery specialists Direct Route are offering an invoice reminder service for the price of a £1 donation to the NHS, to help pest management companies keep cash flow steady during the pandemic.  These are difficult ti.... More

  • 29 April 2020

    New legal helpline and video calls for BPCA members

    BPCA has teamed up with top law firm Shakespeare Martineau to offer a free legal helpline and video chats for members who are concerned about the impact of Covid-19 on their business. Shakespeare Martineau, said: “Coro.... More

  • 22 April 2020

    HSE issues workplace social distancing warning

    The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has warned employers it will hand out enforcement notices to those who do not comply with the two-metre social distancing rule in workplaces that remain open during the coronavirus outbreak. .... More

  • 02 April 2020

    Covid-19 business support timelines

    In the last few weeks the UK Goverment has announced a raft of measures to help support businesses struggling due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  The British Blind and Shutter Association has produced a handy graphic which ti.... More

  • 26 February 2020

    Signed, Sealed and Delivered!

    Business feature | PPC98 March 2020 Do you have a written contract for every bit of pest work you do? What needs to be in a contract anyway? We asked specialist contracts and legal services expert BEB Consultancy to expl.... More

  • 26 February 2020

    Keep your contracts watertight

    Business feature | PPC98 March 2020 On most of your jobs, you provide a quote, do the work to the best of your ability, the customer is happy and they pay you. But, as we all know, not every job goes that smoothly. Which.... More

  • 26 February 2020

    INFOGRAPHIC: the year in numbers

    Annual report 2019 | PPC98 March 2020 It's been a great year at the BPCA, with a successful PestEx and new initiatives like BPCA Registered. Take a look at the key figures from our 2019 annual report.  . More

  • 05 February 2020

    Coronavirus: advice for employers

    Cases of Wuhan novel coronavirus have been confirmed in a number of countries other than China including Thailand, Singapore, Japan, the USA, Canada and France. The first cases of the coronavirus have also now been confirmed in the UK, so a.... More