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19 January 2021

New gull licensing screening process from Natural England

In light of talks with BPCA, Natural England (NE) has updated their process to include a new screening process to help speed up and improve the issuing of individual licences for gull control.


BPCA has been in regular communication with NE and arranged a roundtable with members to make sure licences were issued promptly, and communication between NE and pest professionals has improved.

Lesser black-backed gulls and herring gulls require an individual licence to control in England, as both species are absent from general licences.

2020 saw the sector struggle to obtain these licences and get feedback from NE.

The new ‘Control wild birds for conservation or health and safety: submit an A08 screening form’ is now available from NE. To request a screening form, email:

You will then receive a link to the screening process.

More details on the process can be accessed on the website.

The screening process is designed to speed up the application process and get feedback on your licensing requirements, before you go through the effort of completing a full application.


The process is still very new and we’re interested to hear the feedback from your dealings with NE this year. Get in touch.

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