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04 May 2022

New Omniveo fly trap 'designed to see it all'


A new range of professional UV flying insect light traps has been launched by Netherlands-based manufacturer, Alcochem Hygiene.

Omniveo released by Alcochem

Called the Omniveo range, this picks up on the Latin word Omni, meaning ‘all’, and Veo which is Spanish for ‘I see’; so Omniveo ‘sees it all’. 

All Omniveo machines are designed to be able to use ether conventional UV-A fluorescent lamps, or low energy consuming UV-A LED lamps – very handy for the day when fluorescent lamps disappear from the European market.

The models can take three differently-sized glue boards, making it easy for technicians to use the board of their choice. 

With four models in the range, all wall mounted, this gives the installer a choice depending on the situation.

Omniveo 2 accommodates two 15W Astron tubes functional up to 100m2 whereas the larger Omniveo 3 houses three tubes and is effective up to 150m2. Both Omniveo 2 and 3 are available in a drip proof (IP21) and a water proof (IP65) models.

As an optional extra, insect activity and catches can be monitored with an inbuilt camera and communication module.

Quantified data is relayed via 2G / LTE-M to a server where both the service technician, and the client, can keep an up-to-date check on activity. For inspections on site an additional link-up can be made via Bluetooth.

An app is available to download from both the Google Play and Apple store.

“We launched the Omniveo range in the UK at PestEx 2022 and were delighted by the reception it received," explained Nick Mollen, Alcochem export manager.

"The option of being able to fit either fluorescent or LED lamps in the same machine really appealed to customers. As did the option of being able to monitor activity remotely."

Full details for the Omniveo range are on the Alcochem Hygiene website and are available in the UK exclusively from PestFix. 


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