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22 February 2022

Pest control and live bee removal business opens in South Birmingham 


A pest control business which is part of the PGH Beegone franchise has begun trading in Solihull, Redditch and the surrounding areas.

Pest control and live beeremoval business opens in South Birmingham

PGH Beegone Solihull Redditch owner Louchlan Deeming has successfully undertaken the first of three rodent treatment visits at a farm in Stourbridge and is confident that his approach will rid his customer of the problem for good. 

He says: “At PGH Beegone we pride ourselves on our environmentally-friendly approach to pest control, by employing preventative measures we ensure the pests cannot get back into the area, therefore reducing overall pesticide use.

"We tackle a wide range of pests from insects, to rodents, to birds and larger animals too and all are treated with respect. 

"Our environmental credentials are important to us – that’s why the live bee removal is a huge part of what we do – we are experts in removing honeybees and their combs from hard-to-reach areas, such as wall cavities and roof spaces.

"We rehome the honeybees with local keepers which is fundamental to the preservation of our ecosystem. It really is an exciting business and I can’t wait to develop it." 

With leads coming in thick and fast, Louchlan’s services are certainly in demand and he can’t wait to start helping rid the local community of their pest issues. 

He continued: “Birds are a big concern in inner city Birmingham. I’ve already done two bird surveys on large, historic buildings, so hopefully those prevention jobs will go ahead in future. I’m committed to providing customers with an honest, quality service and helping out wildlife in the process.”  


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