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14 January 2022

VIDEO: Know your pesticide labels

Pesticide labels exist on all of the products we may use in professional pest management and the importance of these labels is often overlooked.

Not only is there useful, practical information about how to use the product effectively and safely but, also, it is a legal requirement to follow the instructions for us.

During this video, Natalie will explore:

  • What are biocides/pesticides
  • Legislation associated with biocides/pesticides
  • How can you stay the right side of the law.

NOTE: The presentation refers to Scottish Natural Heritage, which is now known as NatureScot. 

All other information correct at the time of filming.

This video is designed for pest management technicians.

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Useful links mentioned in the webinar: 



COSHH Online learning -

eBay BPCA and Crop Protection Association leading the way on stewardship of online pesticides sales

BPCA and CPA release guidance for identifying and reporting illegal internet sales of pesticides

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