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27 March 2020

Scottish general licence changes coming

Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) has announced that the new general licence will, from 1 April, only cover two species – Canada Goose and feral pigeon.

scottish general licence changes

All wild birds, their eggs and nests are protected by law.

General licences allow certain birds to be controlled without the need to apply for individual licences - for example, to prevent serious damage to crops, to protect public health and to help prevent predation of other, at-risk bird species.

General licences can only be undertaken where non-lethal means have been tried and proved ineffective. They cover relatively common situations when there’s unlikely to be any conservation impact on a species.

On 1 April, the renewed licence rules mean those seeking to control birds not included on the updated list will be legally required to apply for a licence.

The new general licence is valid across Scotland from 1 April to 31 December 2020.

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