Professional Pest Controller Magazine Issue 101

14 October 2020

BPCA Registered: New Master Technician category available

Pest technicians on the BPCA Registered CPD scheme can now apply for our highest category level: Master Technician.


BPCA Registered is the Association's individual recognition and CPD scheme.

The scheme recognises and records the qualifications earned by those on BPCA Registered throughout their careers.

To support those who have given their time and input to drive professionalism within the sector and used their own knowledge, skills and experience to benefit others working in pest management, we have introduced our new Master Technician category within BPCA Registered.

You can apply for the top Master Technician category of the scheme if you fulfil the following criteria: 

  • 10 years working within the industry
  • Letter of commendation from an industry peer
  • BPCA member
  • BPCA Registered member
  • BPCA Advanced Technician in Pest Management or equivalent.

The application process is thorough, with interested parties being asked to submit a written portfolio where appropriate.

In addition to the conditions set about above, applicants must be able to evidence within their portfolio:

  • A diverse range of site and species experience
  • Occasions where they have supported the industry
  • Instances where they have worked collaboratively with other companies or industry bodies
  • Examples of learning and development they have provided to others
  • Illustrations of their leadership skills, either within their own company or the industry
  • Examples where they have provided exemplar customer service.

BPCA Training Manager Karen explained why the new category has been introduced:

"We know that individual recognition is important to our member company employees, enabling them to display their hard-earned skills and knowledge.

"For those experts in the sector who have gone above and beyond to increase their wealth of knowledge, there didn't seem to be a category which fully acknowledged that.

"Master Technician not only recognises the best talent in the sector, it helps create progression for other technicians in the industry."

For more information about applying for the Master Technician category, get in touch with our team.

01332 225 113


If you're thinking about joining BPCA's CPD scheme, have a chat with our CPD team. 

01332 225 114

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