Professional Pest Controller issue 92

30 August 2018

Meet your new Executive Board members

Your Association | PPC92 September 2018

At June’s AGM, Julia Pittman (Beaver), Tim Slator (Valley) and Louise Summers (Urban Wildlife) were elected onto the Association’s Executive Board. Keen to understand their big picture view on pest control, we asked all three ‘new recruits’ the following big question...

Fomus in Focus Julia Tim and Louise

Take a step back, consider your last five to ten years in and around this industry. In your opinion, where is the professional pest control industry going?

Julia Pittman

My view is that the professional pest control industry will move towards greater regulation with fewer products. This will mean pest control services will become more knowledge-based and companies are likely to have to adapt by using more innovative, technological based services.

I can see a technician’s time on-site being ever more focused on investigating and identifying risk areas, as well as proofing and less on checking bait stations. Technicians will need to be recruited for their inquisitive personalities. I believe that pest control knowledge can be trained but passion and attitude come from within.

About Julia

Julia has worked in the FM industry delivering soft services for over 20 years. In her previous company pest control services were outsourced to two companies, one of them being Beaver, and as Head of Service, Julia was responsible for making sure that the services were delivered effectively.

In 2014 she joined Beaver Pest Control as the partner responsible for sales and has been focused on its growth in key markets such as education, health, and corporate facilities management.

Tim Slator

From my point of view, we have experienced many challenges in the last few years. The pest control industry has accepted and implemented CRRU at the same time as setting high standards for all staff qualifications, training and CPD. CRRU has made responsible companies, and staff (certainly in rural areas) carefully consider their actions and responsibilities.

I believe training needs to be at the forefront of any good industry practice. While it should be obligatory, it also needs to be beneficial and enjoyable. I think the pest control industry, through BPCA, is embracing these, and many other significant issues.

About Tim

Tim Slator is a Director at long-term BPCA member company Valley Pest Control in Devon and has been involved in the business since they set up in 1976.

Louise Summers

Pest control has moved on considerably in the last five years, especially in an environmental context. I believe pest management is more and more about using prevention techniques and relying on skills and practical experience to meet the needs of clients.

No doubt restrictions on chemicals will continue, but this I think represents an opportunity for the ‘expert’ pest management company and/or professional who is able to use alternative approaches to solve problems. I think learning has started in the wider ‘environmental’ context, and in some places, has flourished, but overall there is still plenty to do.

About Louise

Louise has worked in wildlife management for over 10 years and has extensive experience in designing and applying habitat management programmes in urban and rural locations.

As Project director for Urban Wildlife, a Consultant BPCA member company, Louise is well aware of the implications and strategic impact the actions of pest control can have. She is committed to delivering services and solutions that enable humans and wildlife to co-habit in harmony. Louise can also directly relate to the challenges faced by smaller sized organisations, as well as specialist services in the pest control sector.


Tom Holmes (President ), Philp Halpin,(Vice President), Alan Morris (Vice President), Mark Williams (Honorary Treasurer), Martin Harvey (Immediate Past President), Martin Cobbald (Fumigation and Controlled Environments Forum (Committee Chair), Rupert Broom (Manufacturers and Distributors Committee Chair), Howard Taffs (Servicing Committee Chair), Mike Ayers (Board Member), Chris Corbett (Board Member), Lewis Jenkins (Board Member), Julia Pittman (Board Member), Tim Slator (Board Member), Louise Summers (Board Member).

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