23 August 2021

Professional Pest Controller issue 104 (PPC104) out now


Professional pest controller magazine issue 104 is out now and available to read online for free.

The magazine can be read online or downloaded as a PDF or you can join our Affiliate Scheme and request a hard copy.

PPC104 shines a spotlight on animal welfare. We take a look at the Animal Welfare Action Plan and the future of glue boards, including a view from New Zealand following a similar ban over there and some opinion pieces from Henry MottAlex Wade and Chris Cagienard

Plus we have articles on identifying non-pest insects, a look at the BPCA Standard, the BPCA Exec Board talks about the ongoing 'Covid-19 effect' and an overview of our new training course for non-technical staff. And don't forget to check out the training and events calendars!



Chief exec's viewpoint

BPCA Chief Exec Ian Andrew talks about strategy and hope. Read >

Animal Welfare Action Plan

UK Governement Animal Welfare Action Plan and pest management BPCA

On 12 May, the government published an action plan for animal welfare which has implications for the whole pest management sector. Read >

The glue board ban in New Zealand

PPC magazine asked Peter Barry from the Pest Management Association of New Zealand (PMANZ) to recap the story of their 2015 ban. Read >

The elephant in the glue trap

Attitudes to animal welfare and the impact on pest management toolkits BPCA PPC magazine

PPC Editor Scott Johnstone looks at the motivations behind animal welfare reforms and speculates how the industry might have to adapt. Read > 

Opinion: Glue board ban and the failure to self-regulate

Henry Mott, former president of CEPA, takes a step back to look at the ramifications of the Glue Traps (Offences) Bill. Read >

Opinion: There's nothing evil about me

Is there such a thing as humane pest control? Alex Wade of member company Wade Environmental investigates for PPC104. Read >

Opinion: We should be animal welfare activists

We need to fully engage with this process of heightened animal welfare awareness, says Chris Cagienard. Read >

Don't bug me: non-pest insects

Non insect pest pest control should be aware of Paul Westgate BPCA

Paul Westgate, Veritas Pest Consultancy, explains how a little entomology know-how can go a long way. Read >

Rodents detect landmines, sniff out TB, find disaster victims

We look at rats being used to sniff out diseases such as tuberculosis (TB) in people’s saliva, or salmonella bacteria in contaminated food. Read >

Rodent baiting: techniques and terminology

Helen Ainsworth from BPCA member company BASF takes a back-to-basics look at rodent baiting strategies. Read >

PestWatch: Insects that destroy wood in buildings

Insects that destroy wood in buildings British Pest Control Association PestWatch

The Property Care Association takes over our usual PestWatch feature with an introduction to wood-destroying insect pests. Read >

The BPCA Standard: what does it take to be a BPCA member?

Dee Ward-Thompson explains why we think that BPCA membership is still the highest pest management standard a company can meet. Read >

Ask the technical team August 2021

Field mice, bait box tampering, relocating wasps and reporting misuse of amateur pesticides are tackled in this issue of Ask the BPCA technical team. Read >

18 months on: essential pest management

essential pest management 18 months on interview with BPCA board

As temperatures rise in the UK, Clive Boase, The Pest Management Consultancy, looks at some invasive pests you might have to learn to manage in the future. Read >

Member benefit in focus: Business Shield

Did you know you have a free health and safety and employment law service at your fingertips? Read >

Meet the member: To bee or not to bee

PPC magazine spoke to Ian Fuller (B.Eng) at Swarmcatcher, who has been removing and relocating live honey bees for more than a decade. Read >

Meet the member: 25 years of pest control at Des Bone

25 years of pest control with Des Bone Meet the BPCA member

PPC magazine spoke to Ann Bone, of Des Bone Ltd, about their quarter-century journey as a pest management business. Read >

Meet the member: Next Gen Pest Tech

Jack Tully, the first apprentice pest technician at BPCA member Integrum Services, took part in a quick-fire question session with PPC. Read >

A fond farewell to Stephanie

BPCA Finance Officer Stephanie Costopoulos retires

After almost ten years of outstanding service, we said ‘farewell’ to our Finance Officer Stephanie Costopoulos at the end of July. Read >

Meet your new BPCA team members

You may have seen that we’ve had a bit of a recruitment boost at BPCA recently. Read >

Sink or swim? Keep your head above water as a non-technical pest control employee

keep your head above water as a non-technical pest control employee online course BPCA

BPCA's new course is designed specifically for people whose role does not directly involve carrying out pest control treatments. Read >

Enter the Ratrix

BPCA secures funding for 3D Competency Assessment, to bring pest control learning into the 21st century. Read >

Pestflix and chill: free CPD resources for pest professionals

Pestflix and chill - free CPD resources for pest professionals BPCA CPD video

Always end up cramming in your CPD hours towards the end of the year? We've got tons of activities - are you making the most of them? Read >

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